Incredible performance of Virat Kohli in India VS Pakistan Match 23 October 2022

VIRAT KOHLI 13000 ODI rund

Virat Kohli shown incredible performance in India Vs Pakistan T20 match. Everyone stunned by his performance. He scored 82 runs off 53 balls and won the player of the match. Pakistan put 159 runs on scoreboard and India needs 160 runs to win. India 

India lost 4 wickets at 34 runs. At this cricitical stage of ining, King Kohli and Hardik Pandya made wonderful parternship to stay in this game. India won the match by 4 wickets.

Virat Kohli said: He has no idea what that happened. He has no words. Hardik Pandya kept him to believe and to stay till the end.

In last over, India need 16 runs in 6 balls.

19.1 overs. India 144-5

Unfortunate, Hardik Pandya out in first ball in 19.1 overs and new Batsmen Karthik comes to bat.

19.2 overs. India 145-5

Karthik took single to get Kohli back on strike.

19.3 overs. India 147-5

Kohli is able to take two runs by running like wind.

13 runs needed off 3 balls

Next ball was no ball and in that Kohli hit six. So India got 7 runs and Pakistan will have to re-bowl it.

19.4 overs. India 155-5

Under perssure Nawaz delivers wide ball and India got 1 run

5 runs needed off 2 now

Kohli bowled, But it was a free hit and Kohli took three useful runs

2 runs needed off 2 balls

19.5 overs. India 158-6

Karthik got out and new batsman in will be Ashwin.

In next ball, Nawaz agin deilvers a wide ball.

now India need 1 run off 1 ball.

20 overs. India Win.

Ashwin finds gap and get quick single. India won the match by 4 wickets.

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